2019 Emerging Curators Program
Curator: Kristen Coleman (SA)

Jessica Green (SA)
Ellie Anderson (VIC)
Emma Northey (SA) + Stephen Roedel (SA)

Using audio and visual environments the artists in CODED transmit information through various data streams. Organised across the language of code, electronic noise, light and visual perception each work abstracts information, dispatching intangible waves of sound, artificial light and electronic noise, carried across and vibrating within wavelengths, transmitting outwardly towards a receiver.

Ellie Anderson creates a rhythmic fluidity in the distortion of language; her work reMORSE employs encryption for a communicable message in dots and dashes. Morse code, a relatively out dated character encoding scheme used in the simple delivery of complex thought across vast distances, is a shorthand language usually transmitted across radio waves. It is a system that eliminated the need for face-to-face contact. Like ancient smoke signals the dialogue in reMORSE can be comfortably deciphered though its beauty perhaps lies in its secrets.

In Jessie Green’s Solar, artificial light mimics the visible qualities of daylight transferred from the sun. As a sculptural form, the light-installation distributes colour code information along light wavelengths via a progressive series of ambient LED strips. Here Green experiments with recreating the visible regions of the sun’s electromagnetic spectrum, reproduced by synthetic strip lighting separated by increasing degrees of intensity. An exploration in the form of light and energy permeates the gallery in an experiment of natural phenomena and perception.

The collaborative audiovisual work CODE BREAKER from Emma Northey and Stephen Roedel combines non-representational and figurative elements, blending light, noise and signal. Broadcasting ambiguous imagery and sound reverberation through distorted electrical impulses and radio waves, the animated rate of motion and noise pulse in a telecast of confused static like chatter. Its colour and noise bleed into the air trying to communicate, signaling from an unknown source.

Kristen Coleman


SOLAR (2019) Jessica Green


reMORSE (2017) Ellie Anderson


CODE BREAKER (2015) Emma Northey + Stephen Roedel

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